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Glen Burnie, Maryland 21061
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The ARCH Difference

What Makes ARCH Different?

Our agenda is simple and straight forward, “Do the Job Right”. That’s what dictates how your accounts are worked, not stockholder expectations, unyielding overhead costs or pressure from the other 100 or so clients.  You, your expectations and our promises to you dictate how your business is handled.

ARCH is not one of those agencies with hundreds of clients. Our business philosophy doesn’t mesh with our competitor’s interpretation of servicing our clients. Our management team and many of our employees have worked for the big guys. We recognize the value of relationships and out performing expectations. Every client and every account assigned to us deserves results so with ARCH, nothing gets lost in the shuffle. Every employee, starting with the owner of ARCH, works accounts and works with our clients.

In reality neither ARCH nor our competitors provide any services that our clients cannot do themselves. Liquidating some pieces of your A/R hasn’t gotten any easier.  While it is true that many aspects of the billing cycle have been automated, you still have those nagging pockets of accounts that require more attention than your staff can handle.Budget and staffing constraints combined with the constant pressure to reduce days and increase cash sometimes necessitates the need for outsourcing.  We hope you will consider ARCH as your outsourcing partner when this happens.